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Celebrating 25 Years of Independent Publishing
World History/Politics/Current Affairs
Darkness Over Germany
A Warning from History

E. Amy Buller

Darkness Over GermanyDarkness over Germany delivers a stark warning from history of how a man with little political experience rose up as a voice of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised who were suffering the injustices of social inequality and unemployment.

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The Moor's Last Stand
How Seven Centuries of Muslim Rule in Spain Came to an End

Elizabeth Drayson

The Moor's Last StandThe poignant story of Boabdil, the last Muslim king of Granada. Based on original research in the region by a leading historian of Granada, this book presents a vivid account of Boabdil's life and times and considers the impact of his defeat then and now.

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World Travel
A Traveller's History of New Zealand
& the South Pacific Islands (3rd edition)

John H. Chambers

A Traveller's History of New ZealandA Traveller's History of New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands gives the curious tourist not only a modern-day portrait of New Zealand and the far-flung islands, their political systems, and economic diversity, but also looks at the early settling of this massive area which covers about a fifth of the surface of the earth.

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The Four Roads to Heaven
France and the Santiago Pilgrimage

Edwin Mullins

The Four Roads to Heaven

The Pilgrim’s Guide—the world’s first guidebook—written in the 12th century for travelers on the great pilgrimage across France to the tomb of St. James at Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. Edwin Mullins follows the same four roads of The Pilgrim's Guide as they exist today. From imposing Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals to humble pilgrims’ hospices, this book looks at the living legacy of one of the great social phenomena of the Middle Ages.     

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Illustrated Gift Books
Amber Revolution
How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine

Simon J. Woolf; photography by Ryan Opaz

Amber Revolution

Written by renowned orange wine expert Simon J. Woolf, Amber Revolution is the world’s first book to tell the full, forgotten story of this ancient wine (white wine made like a red wine). This beautifully illustrated book includes profiles of 180 of the best producers worldwide and is crammed full of all the information you need to find the best orange wines together with tips for how to buy, enjoy, food-match and age them. 

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Young Palestinians Speak
Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young

Young Palestinians SpeakPalestinian children share their hopes and fears, for themselves and their country in this colorful illustrated book.

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International Cookbooks
A Celebration of Food from Land and Sea

Joudie Kalla; photography by Jamie Orlando Smith


“An important cuisine and culinary tradition that needs to be understood, celebrated, and enjoyed.” —Anthony Bourdain 

Joudie Kalla, author of the bestselling Palestine on a Plate, introduces readers to more of the Middle East’s best kept secret—Palestinian cuisine.  

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From the Land of Nightingales and Roses
Recipes from the Persian Kitchen

Maryam Sinaiee

From the Land of Nightingales and RosesIn From the Land of Nightingales and Roses, Iranian food blogger and home cook, Maryam Sinaiee, takes us through a full year in the Persian kitchen. Each seasonal chapter offers up delicious recipes alongside insights into the festivals, traditions and rituals that color day-to-day life in this region.

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Soup for Syria
Recipes to Celebrate Our Shared Humanity

Barbara Abdeni Massaad

Soup for SyriaAcclaimed chefs and cookbook authors the world over have come together to help fund food relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees. Each has contributed a recipe to this beautifully illustrated cookbook of delicious soups from around the world. Contributors include: Mark Bittman, Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters, Paula Wolfert, Yotam Ottolenghi, Claudia Roden, Greg Malouf, Ana Sortun, Sami Tamimi, Aglaia Kremezi, Carolyn Kumpe, Wendy Rahamut, Joe Barza, Sally Butcher, Troth Wells, Garrett Melkonian, Alexis Couquelet, Fernando Gomez, Jane Hughes, and many others.

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The Immigrant Cookbook
Recipes that Make America Great

collected and edited by Leyla Moushabeck

The Immigrant Cookbook

A diverse bounty of recipes by immigrant chefs from around the world. Fifty percent of the book's profits will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union to help support the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project.

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Biographies & Memoirs
A Vision for My Father
The Life and Work of Palestinian-American Artist and Designer Rajie Cook

Rajie Cook

A Vision for My FatherRajie Cook is an internationally recognized graphic designer, artist, and activist—and the son of Najeeb and Jaleela Cook, American immigrants from Ramallah, Palestine. This memoir is a tribute to the author's parents and the story of how their son made his mark on the international stage of graphic design.

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The Journey
Memoirs of an Egyptian Woman Student in America

Radwa Ashour; translated by Michelle Hartman

The JourneyThe Journey narrates the years which Ashour spent in the US and captures so vividly the spirit and ethos of the time it chronicles—the early 1970s. Anti-colonial movements, a commitment to popular struggles and people’s liberation, as well as linking scholarship and work on the ground, are all alive and real in her memoir.

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World Fiction
Printed in Beirut
Jabbour Douaihy; translated by Paula Haydar

Printed in Beirut

"A fake thriller, but a real comedy..." —Le Monde
Farid arrives in Beirut seeking a publisher, but instead accepts a copyediting job at an esteemed old print house, Karam Brothers Press. But soon Farid discovers the press is not what it seems, and finds himself in the middle of a police investigation...

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or The Beginning of All Tales

Rafik Schami; translated by Monique Arav and John Hannon

SophiaSet during the tumultuous years leading up to the Arab Spring, Sophia delivers the intricate plotting and lyrical prose that Schami’s readers expect, and reveals the power of love to overcome all barriers of time and circumstance.

more »

I Don't Want This Poem to End
Early and Late Poems

Mahmoud Darwish; translated by Mohammad Shaheen; indroduction by Elias Khoury

I Don't Want This Poem to EndThis book includes three collections from different phases in the late Darwish’s writing career, as well as reminiscences by friends drawn from the poet’s final years, and a moving account of the discovery of the new poems in this collection.

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In Jerusalem and Other Poems

Tamim Al-Barghouti

Born in 1977, Tamim Al-Barghouti is probably one of the most widely read Palestinian poets of his generation. His poetry readings are attended by thousands, sometimes packing stadiums and amphitheaters. The poems in this collection were written in Cairo, Ramallah, Amman, Washington, DC and Berlin between 1997 and 2017.

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Language & Reference
Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)
A Beginner’s Guide to Arabic Letters and Words

Barbara Whitesides

Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)A user-friendly Arabic alphabet-and-culture book for complete beginners

"This is a charming, accessible book for all ages. It's informative, fun, and useful."
-- School Library Journal

more »

World Textiles
A Sourcebook

D. Waller, S. Weir, S. Paine, G. Corrigan, A. Hecht, C. Sayer, C. Spring, J. Hudson, J. Gillow

World TextilesThe essential textile and design source book packed full of vibrant color combinations and magnificent patterns from around the world

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Children's Picture Books
A Day with Yayah
Nicola I. Campbell; illustrated by Julie Flett

A Day with YayahSet in the Nicola Valley, British Columbia, in Canada's westernmost province, a First Nations family goes on an outing to forage for herbs and mushrooms. A grandmother passes down her knowledge of plant life and the natural world to her young grandchildren.

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Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole
Jane Yolen; illustrations by Kathryn Brown

Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole

Curious Eeny mole emerges from her safe, dark hole home to discover the world up above

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Invisible Kingdom, The
(Part I of the Invisible Kingdom Trilogy)

Rob Ryan

Invisible Kingdom, The"British artist Ryan... offers a fanciful modern fairy tale illustrated with a whole sheaf of his intricately detailed cut-paper silhouettes, including a poster on the back of the dust jacket. The hero, a young prince, lives in a palace in the middle of the city, trapped by protocol. ... It’s the first of three volumes, and readers will long for the next book."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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Spy Dad
Jukka Laajarinne; illustrations by Timo Mänttäri

Spy DadHaving a dad who’s a secret agent is hard: spies work long hours and travel a lot. In this fast-paced story, Dad takes them on an adventure. With dark and mysterious characters following in their tail, Olivia’s spy dad is always one step ahead. 

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